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Our Process

We'll Work with You Every Step of the Way

When you call SARLO Corporation at 856-456-4316 a project manager will briefly discuss the scope of your project and schedule a time for a more detailed phone conversation or a site survey.

An experienced representative of SARLO Corporation will survey the job site(s) and research any challenging issues or unique requests.

We'll prepare a plan and budget. Our priorities are to make sure your project is completed with a high level of quality, at the best possible price, quickly, and with a minimum impact on your daily operation. At this point you will receive a detailed proposal and contract.

Upon approval of the contract we will determine the overall design of your project and communicate it to you in the most appropriate way (plans, renderings, etc.) with all necessary documentation.

Once you approve the design it will be forwarded to the necessary parties for their approval, including the local municipality, property manager(s) and, if necessary, a representative of the company your business represents.

All materials and vendors are identified and a work order is created including, drawings, specifications, and the individual steps it will take to complete your project.

You will be notified when permit approval is received and your materials will be ordered. SARLO Corporation has long-term relationships with many industry approved suppliers. Depending on your project's scope and schedule, the materials will either be shipped to your location or to our facility where they will be inspected to ensure they are in good condition and match the purchase order.

If your project requires any custom, or additional fabrication work SARLO Corporation will handle its completion.

SARLO's skilled installation crew will arrive at your job site on a pre-arranged date and time. We will also communicate a targeted completion date for the project to you. We understand that time is money will do everything possible to limit our impact on your day-to-day operations.

A pre-determined number of inspections will take place throughout your project. SARLO will inspect for municipal code compliance and to be sure all is to specification. You will be asked to inspect the project and identify any concerns to us. It is SARLO Corporation's goal to rectify any issues at this point so there is no "punch list" to contend with in the future.We will then request the final municipal inspection and lastly, if applicable, a representative of your supplier may inspect for image compliance.

Our Process