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What We DoNew Canopies

From the ground up, we'll see to it beginning to end, that your new steel canopy is erected to perfection.

We start with a complimentary phone consultation, from there moving into surveying the construction site and researching any possible problems. Estimating the budget for your project while simultaneously planning everything out, and then going on to begin the construction of your new canopy!

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new steel canopy

What We DoCanopies Re-Decked

If you have a severely damaged, or an older canopy that needs continual repair, we offer a re-decking option that's quicker and less expensive than outright replacement.

We will come to you, asses the damage, and strip your canopy deck down to the frame. We handle inquiring about the procurement of your new materials and when they arrive, we will do what we can to assure your project only takes a few days as to cause the least amount of disturbance on your business as possible!

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canopy deck down to the frame

What We DoCanopies Repaired

Small damage to your canopy can prove unsightly to your customers and can even grow into an expensive and possibly dangerous problem.

Service station canopies and building facades are battered by the elements every day while oversize vehicles and careless drivers can even cause substantial damage. Dents, grunge build-up and bent or loosened cladding and fascia are unsightly and can even motivate customers to keep on driving to the next station.

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Service station canopies

What We DoRain Collector Replacement

The flawed design of steel rain collector boxes allows them to rust and leak due to corrosion over time, SARLO can replace your old decaying rain collectors with new age fiberglass basins.

On site we will do what we can to avoid disturbing your business while detaching the old rain collector boxes and down spouts, cutting them away in a clean and professional manner, soon replacing them with fiberglass boxes, which are rust proof, maintenance free, attractive, and offer a better water flow.

SARLO Corporation sells/installs fiberglass replacement basins that are:

  • Attractive & Rust-proof
  • Durable & Maintenance-Free
  • Rounded for better water flow
  • Quick to Install - No Interruption to Business
  • Preventative of Leaks and Water Damage
Rain Collector systems

What We DoCanopies Raised

Does your business suffer from a loss of customers due to your canopy sitting too low, not allowing larger vehicles access to your station?

While providing more accessibility to vehicles of all sizes, your raised canopy will also attract more customers as the new-found height will grant increased visibility to your business. Extending the height of your canopy will also offer reassured safety to both employees and customers, as the possibility of a vehicle collision is virtually eliminated, preventing dangerous debris from falling while avoiding the expensive damage that would come with such an accident.

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What We DoConversions

Has your company bought out an already constructed service station? Without entirely demolishing and rebuilding, we can aid you in refreshing the identity of the location.

SARLO Corporation has a long history of holding onto relationships with key suppliers and are certified in rebranding services for most major corporations. In a quick, correct and detail oriented manner, we'll see to it that your service station receives the professional facelift it needs to fit the brand standards of your petroleum supplier.

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rebranding services

What We DoSignage

Signage is a key factor in customers' first impression of your business. SARLO Corporation's experience producing enticing, brand-driven signage spans three decades and many industries.

Our professional staff will ensure that you secure the perfect fit, style and design for your location and will also assist with local code checks to be sure your signage is in compliance with community regulations. We can work from your design or if you would like a new image, we can create a professional design for you. Even if your current signage is damage, or non-illuminated, we provide expert level repairs and maintenance.

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Even if your current signage is damage, or non-illuminated, we provide expert level repairs and maintenance.

We repairRotted/Rusted Columns

Our team of experienced certified welders can determine the best approach to repairing your service station columns without disrupting your business.

What you can expect:

  • We will inspect column
  • Perform an Ultrasound to determine thickness
  • Jackhammer concrete to expose base plate
  • Reinforce column with new steel plates and angles
  • Reroute column drain outside of column and tie into underground drain system to prevent further rotting
  • Re-finish concrete to grade in repair area
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