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Column Repair

We repairRotted/Rusted Columns

Our team of experienced certified welders can determine the best approach to repairing your service station columns without disrupting your business.

What you can expect:

  • We will inspect column
  • Perform an Ultrasound to determine thickness
  • Jackhammer concrete to expose base plate
  • Reinforce column with new steel plates and angles
  • Reroute column drain outside of column and tie into underground drain system to prevent further rotting
  • Re-finish concrete to grade in repair area
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Do your Columns Look Like This? We Fix Rotted/Rusted Columns

What We Do

Gas Station Canopy Services

From new overhead canopy construction through re-decks and repairs, SARLO Corporation is your full service one stop resource for efficient project management and top-quality workmanship on commercial canopies. Canopy integrity inspection surveys available upon request.

Brand Identity

You can rely on SARLO to make your business stand out through instantly identifiable custom signs as well as offering a more inviting feel to customers. Three decades of experience has made us experts in gas station signage and exterior branding.

Brand Conversions

As the mid-atlantics' largest steel canopy manufacturer covering NJ, PA, DE, MD, & Southern FL, SARLO has reimaged hundreds of gas station canopies belonging to some of the most powerful petroleum companies in the world including BP, Wawa, ExxonMobil, LUKOIL, Shell and others, always living up to the strict quality standards these companies expect.

FeaturesWhy Choose Us

Beginning in 1979 as Sarlo Certified Welding, we found remarkable success in the welding market through reliable and quality workmanship, by 1983 our company erected its’ first gas station canopy. Through our success we soon rebranded into SARLO Corporation in 1985 with a focus on service station canopies, convenience store canopy and facade construction, petroleum retailer rebranding and sign services.

Our goals are to provide superior construction services and proactive project management that keeps you informed of all project plans and ensures your job progresses quickly and correctly from planning through completion. The SARLO Process helps assure our clients remain fully aware of the day to day operations throughout the duration of our work.

Success through the years is due to our approach when tackling a new project, when we set a completion date, we stick to it. One of SARLO Corporations many quality goals is to cause as little of a disturbance on your businesses operations as possible. Holding tightly to our high standards has helped us form and hold on to many professional relationships with a variety of large companies.

Why choose Sarlo Corp for your Gas Station Canopy needs.

Some of OurClients

Sinclair Oil
Sunoco Gas Stations