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SARLO Corporation: a Mid-Atlantic Region Leader
In Service Station Canopy & Facade Construction

We started out in 1979 as Sarlo Certified Welding. In 1983 our company erected its first gas station canopy. We became SARLO Corporation in 1985 with a focus on service station and convenience store canopy and facade construction, petroleum retailer rebranding and sign services. SARLO also provides services to other industries, including general retailers, auto/boat dealerships and banks.

Our goals are to provide superior construction services and proactive project management that keeps you informed and ensures your job progresses quickly and correctly from planning through completion.

SARLO's range of services include:
New exterior canopy construction
Canopy repairs & maintenance

Raising the height of existing canopies
Gas station and store facades/kiosks
Service station brand conversions
Full-service sign department
General construction

Contact us by phone at 856-456-4316, we offer a full-range of gas station, convenience store and exterior signage services and will be happy to discuss your project with you.

Serving NY, NJ, PA, DE & MD Since 1979

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