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Vehicle Impact Damage

Vehicle Impact Damage Repaired
  Vehicle impact damage      
  Loose cladding creates additional problems   Gutters can be blocked by leaves and objects  
  Loose cladding is unattractive and promotes additional damage   Gutters can be blocked by leaves and objects causing water pooling and run-off  
  Stains on post could be sign of a serious problem Poor drainage left uncorrected  causes additional problems  
  Rust colored stains could be signs of a serious problem above the ceiling   Poor drainage and collecting water can compromise structure  
Protect Your Investment and Offer an Inviting Environment to Customers

Service station canopies and building facades are battered by the elements every day while oversize vehicles and careless drivers take their toll. Dents, grunge build-up and bent or loosened cladding and fascia can motivate customers to keep on driving to the next station. Plus, structural damage that isn't corrected quickly can grow into a very costly repair or liability issue.

SARLO can help with:
Vehicle damage to canopy, buildings or posts
Structural damage to columns or steel supports
Loosened, broken or missing fascia/cladding
Cracked or non-illuminating signs/light fixtures
Leaks or clogged, damaged gutters/downspouts
Stained, peeling or unmatched paint
Unsightly grunge build-up from exhaust and dirt
Seasonal gutter clean-outs and power washing

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