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Damaged or Worn Out Canopy?
SARLO is the Industry Leader in Canopy Redecking.

Fire damage to service station Service station rebuilt
  Snow causes service staion collapse Service station and canopy rebuilt  
  Canopy collapsed Canopy reparied  
We'll Strip It Down to the Frame and Rebuild It...Better!  

If you have a severely damaged canopy, or an older canopy that needs continual repair and upkeep, SARLO offers a redecking option that's quicker and less expensive than outright replacement.

We'll coordinate new material procurement and remove all old, damaged materials from you canopy's steel frame.

We understand that downtime costs you money...

When your materials arrive, we'll manage the project so that it typically takes only a few days to install the new canopy exterior onto the existing understructure, including decking, gutters, downspouts, framing, fascia, electric and signage.

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. If your canopy has been damaged, or needs a major overhaul, we'll get you back in business with as little disruption as possible.


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