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Frequent Damage from Tall Vehicles? Want More Visibility?
SARLO Corporation Can Raise Your Canopy's Height.

Raising the height of your service station's canopy is often less expensive in the long term than repeatedly repairing damage caused by collisions with tall vehicles.

Extending canopy height also reduces the potential for injury to employees and customers by preventing vehicle's from striking the canopy and creating falling debris.

Canopy raises are also a practical way for your business to be seen over the tops of tall structures and by vehicles approaching nearby highway exits.

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Raise Height of Service Station Canopy

Quicker than you think!

Watch the video above.
This canopy raise took
less than five hours.

Gas Station Canopy Raise Methodology
We'll assess your site and canopy to be sure raising is an option. If so, we'll follow these steps.
1. Attach cranes to canopy's
top. Cut vertical posts and
raise canopy.
2. Add appropriate
extensions to vertical posts.
3. Extend any other
supports, gutters and wiring
4. Detach cranes. Paint or
clad posts to match existing design.
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