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Replace Rusting Steel Rain Collector Boxes
with Rust-Proof Fiberglass Basins

Eventually, the steel rain collector boxes on most service station canopies leak due to corrosion. Also, debris catching in the corners of these older-style square boxes can cause back-ups resulting in water damage to the top side of the canopy.

SARLO Corporation installs fiberglass replacement basins that are:

Fewer corners for better flow

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Quick Installation - No Interruption to Business

Prevents Leaks and Water Damage

Durable & Maintenance-Free

Gas Station Canopy Methodology for Replacing Aging Rain Collector Boxes
Remove Old Steel Rain Collector Cut Away from Post Install New Fiberglass Unit Repeat for Each Post
1. Detach old square steel
rain collector box and
down spouts from canopy
2. Cut old box away
from post
3. Install new fiberglass
rain collector basin and down
4. Repeat for each post
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